Your Source of Truth

for Secrets

Eliminate secrets sprawl by centralizing all of your secrets across the organization in a secure vault with enterprise access controls and management suite.

Single Pane of Glass

Simplify and secure secrets management across all projects, environments, and infrastructure at scale. The perfect vantage point for your enterprise.

Secrets Sync

Automatically keep your secrets consistent across your teams and infrastructure preventing outages and broken builds.

Secure by Design

Safeguard your sensitive data with AES-256-GCM encryption and scalable fine-grained access controls.

Develop & Deploy

Integrate effortlessly with your existing development and deployment workflows with automatic redeploys.

30B+ secrets read every month

"Doppler has now become our single source of truth for secrets, spanning across 14 systems, enhancing our visibility, versioning, and access controls."

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Blake Morgan
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A look under the hood

Doppler’s Mechanics

Our prowess in secrets management stems from a combination of advanced security, real-time synchronization, and developer-first design.

Centralized, Secure Vault

Securely store all secrets in an encrypted, centralized vault. Ensure protection and eliminate scattered storage risks.

Instant Synchronization

Changes are synchronized in real-time across all environments and infrastructure, maintaining operational consistency.

Granular Access Controls

Enforce the principal of least privilege at scale by creating fine-grained access controls that meet your unique requirements.

Native Integrations

Doppler seamlessly integrates into diverse tech stacks, major cloud providers, CI/CD platforms, and version control systems.

Version & Recovery

Every version of a secret is automatically captured. Quickly revert to a prior version to recover from an outage.

No Compromises

Designed to scale with your needs. Handle increasing volumes of secrets and integrations without compromising performance.

Return On Investment

Pays For Itself

How many developers work at your company? Use the slider below to see the estimated scope and impact of your secrets sprawl problem.

50 users

Estimated average salary of an engineer in your organization.

2 hours

Average hours recovered per developer per week. We do this by preventing missing and misconfigured secrets through secrets management.


Estimated annual savings for your organization from eliminating secrets sprawl. Mitigated costs of prevented breaches compounds further savings.