The New Era of Secrets Management

Doppler’s developer-first security platform empowers teams to seamlessly manage, orchestrate, and govern secrets at scale.


Centralize and control your secrets across projects and teams.

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30B+ secrets read every month

Single Source of Truth

Eliminate secrets sprawl by organizing your secrets in projects with development, staging, and production environments.

Enterprise Governance

Deploy scalable and flexible access controls integrated with our security workflows for seamless access management and compliance.

Painless Onboarding

Quickly import your API keys, database urls, configuration, and environment variables from various formats including .env, YAML, and JSON.

Effortless Orchestration

Automatically sync and deploy your secrets across all your environments and infrastructure through our expanding suite of integrations.

Secure by Design

Security, Compliance, and Transparency are at the core of everything we do at Doppler. We stay ahead of the curve, so you don’t have to.

Enterprise Solutions

The developer-first security platform to centrally manage and govern your secrets at scale, so you can prevent and remediate security incidents.

Doppler is for...


Stay in flow state by editing your secrets where you edit your code. Auto restart your apps when secrets change by you or your teammates.

DevOps & SRE

Centrally manage your organization's secrets across all of your projects and teams. Integrate Doppler with your infrastructure for automatic syncing and redeployment.


Safeguard your secrets across the entire organization with scalable fine-grained access controls. Prevent leaks and quickly remediate data breaches.

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