The New Era of Secrets Management

Doppler’s developer-first security platform empowers teams to seamlessly manage, orchestrate, and govern secrets at scale.


Centralize and control your secrets across projects and teams.

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Single Source of Truth

Eliminate secrets sprawl by organizing your secrets in projects with development, staging, and production environments.

Missing Secrets Detection

Mitigate outages by automatically detecting and alerting the right team members when secrets are missing.

Secrets Referencing

Prevent stale duplicate secrets by referencing them. Update them once and Doppler will propagate the changes.

Mask Secrets

Set the visibility type based on how sensitive the secret is. Some secrets are more sensitive than others and should never be seen by a human.

Versioning & Recovery

Track every version of a secret, with optional Slack alerts when changes occur. Use point-in-time recovery to rollback to a previous version.

Enterprise Governance

Deploy scalable and flexible access controls integrated with our security workflows for seamless access management and compliance.


Automate on and off boarding by integrating with your identity provider like Okta, Azure AD, or any other provider that supports SAML & SCIM.

Custom Roles

Enforce the principal of least privilege at scale by creating fine-grained access controls that meet your unique requirements.

User Groups

Standardize permissions across teams and projects at scale. Manage your user groups directly from your identity provider with SCIM.

Access Logs

Real-time reporting of when secrets are accessed, by who, when, and the device used. Use this data to make informed security decisions at scale.

Painless Onboarding

Quickly import your API keys, database urls, configuration, and environment variables from various formats including .env, YAML, and JSON.

Lightning Fast Integration

Doppler injects secrets as environment variables making the setup with your existing infrastructure and workflows quick with zero downtime.

Dedicated Solutions Engineer

For complex use cases and custom requirements, work side-by-side with our dedicated solutions engineering team on Slack.

Effortless Orchestration

Automatically sync and deploy your secrets across all your environments and infrastructure through our expanding suite of integrations.

Local Development

Fetch your secrets as environment variables. Auto restart your apps when you or your teammates make changes. Edit them in your favorite editor.

Production Workflows

Integrate Doppler into your deployment workflows to redeploy your infrastructure without downtime when secrets change.

Secure by Design

Security, Compliance, and Transparency are at the core of everything we do at Doppler. We stay ahead of the curve, so you don’t have to.

Audit Logs

Track and monitor user actions, secrets sprawl, system changes, and data access for enhanced compliance and security.

Log Forwarding

Centralize your audit logs by forwarding to external monitoring and analysis tools, enabling real-time threat detection and incident response.

Enterprise Encryption

Protect your sensitive data with AES-256-GCM encryption throughout the entire data lifecycle, meeting the highest standards of data protection.

SOC 2 Compliance

We adhere to strict standards and undergo rigorous penetration tests to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Enterprise Solutions

The developer-first security platform to centrally manage and govern your secrets at scale, so you can prevent and remediate security incidents.

Doppler is for...


Stay in flow state by editing your secrets where you edit your code. Auto restart your apps when secrets change by you or your teammates.

DevOps & SRE

Centrally manage your organization's secrets across all of your projects and teams. Integrate Doppler with your infrastructure for automatic syncing and redeployment.


Safeguard your secrets across the entire organization with scalable fine-grained access controls. Prevent leaks and quickly remediate data breaches.

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