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August 30, 2020
August 2020 Updates

August 2020 Updates

Universal CLI Updates

You can now run doppler update on any machine to automatically upgrade to the latest version. And it's lightning fast. Try it out!

Secrets Referencing

Have a ton of duplicate secrets? Now you can add your secret to just one config and then reference it from everywhere else!

Here's how:

  • Within a config: ${STRIPE_KEY}
  • Within a project: ${stg.STRIPE_KEY}
  • Across projects: ${billing.stg.STRIPE_KEY}

Once you have a secret being referenced, if you change that secret all references to it will automatically update.

New Status Domain

In light of the recent Cloudflare DNS outage, we embarked on separating our status page infrastructure from our primary services. Our new status page is hosted at and uses a different registrar and DNS provider than our domain. This helps ensure that a domain-wide outage cannot bring down our status page.