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December 30, 2020
Product Launches
December 2020 Updates

December 2020 Updates

Doppler Donating to Reduce CO₂ Emissions

At Doppler, we believe in helping not just developers, but the world they live in. Starting today we are taking our first step to help make that a reality by committing to donating 1% of each subscription to the removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere.

doppler.yaml Repo Config File

Tired of telling your team what Doppler project and config they need to select for a repository? Add a doppler.yaml file to auto-select the project and config for your repo when running doppler setup. Learn more at

Doppler CLI Now Using OS Keyring For Auth Tokens

Starting in v3.16.0, CLI Tokens are now securely stored in the OS Keyring instead of the file system for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Service Token Format Includes Config Name

You can now see which config a Service Token belongs to as the config name is built into the Service Token value. Thanks to @alexbouchardd for the suggestion!

Easy Doppler CLI Upgrades

Keeping dev tools up to date is hard, but not so with the Doppler CLI! Starting in version v3.16.0 you'll be prompted (once) to update your version whenever a new release becomes available.

Integrating Doppler with GitLab CI / CD

Using GitLab CI / CD? Learn how to use Doppler to provide secrets to your CI / CD jobs in less than 5 minutes with our new secrets management guide for GitLab.

GitHub now scans for leaked Doppler tokens

GitHub now scans your repos for Doppler tokens. Tokens found in public repos will be automatically revoked, preventing exposed tokens from being used to access your secrets.

See the official announcement from GitHub at

AWS Secrets Manager Integration

Wish AWS Secrets Manager had a nicer UI for managing app config instead of a JSON blob? Why not use Doppler's dashboard to automatically sync config changes to AWS Secrets Manager with our new integration! Learn more at

Doppler "Enclave" Renamed to "Projects"

Phil Karlton said, "naming things" was one of the toughest challenges in computer science. We agree, and thanks to our fantastic community and their feedback, we've changed the previous term "Enclave" in the Doppler dashboard and documentation to be "Projects. Much better!

Vercel Integration

Have a need for speed? Vercel is all about it! Now you can sync secrets from Doppler for every project, and environment with our new integration! Learn more at