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July 06, 2023
Product Launches
Doppler TUI, Updated CircleCI Integration, And More

Doppler TUI, Updated CircleCI Integration, And More


  • We’ve added a tui command to the CLI for editing secrets. This lets you move faster, is even easier to work with, involves less typing, and has all of the power of the CLI behind it. Learn more about the Doppler TUI.
  • Added a new keyboard shortcut, Cmd+S, to save secrets when on the Config page.


  • Implemented Copy as primary action functionality when wanting to copy secrets to prevent downloading a file to the user's filesystem.
  • Released a security improvement requiring users to confirm any changes to their workplace’s billing and/or security emails. This prevents workplaces from specifying an email address they don’t control and spamming it with unwanted emails.
  • Updated our CircleCI integration's validation for API tokens to account for CircleCI's new token format. Learn more about our integrations.
  • Improved visibility of user plan limits for the Developer plan when adding the 6th user to their team. Learn more about our plans and pricing.