Follow along with updates and improvements made to Doppler.

January 30, 2024

January '24 Product Update

As January comes to a close, we're not just keeping up with resolutions, we're setting the bar higher. Keep reading to see how we turned ambitious goals into achievable realities!

The New Era of Doppler

We started off 2024 by letting go of our old look and unveiling a bold new era of secrets management: sleek design paired with an identity that reflects the enterprise security powerhouse we've become. Read about how we approached this project in this post from our Head of Design.

Doppler’s Gone Dark

We’ve released Dark Mode into our product dashboard. Our dashboard now seamlessly adapts to your OS system settings or you can personalize your view with a simple toggle from the new menu at the top right corner. Enjoy the dashboard in your preferred viewing experience!

What else have we been up to?

  • Enhanced permissions around service token deletion to ensure a user must have access to the token’s project or config in order to delete it.
  • We've enhanced your search experience! Previously, selecting a shortcut from the search box with the Enter key caused a full page reload. Now, we've streamlined the process to use client-side navigation, making your searches quicker and smoother without unnecessary page refreshes.
  • Fixed an issue in Firefox which prevented selecting values in certain dropdown components
  • Addressed a potential error related to SCIM name attribute updates, enhancing compatibility and preventing silent failures.
  • Fixed an issue where rotated secret values could display stale values if they were actively being viewed when a rotation occurred.
  • Fixed an issue to ensure promoting restricted and unrevealed masked secrets works as expected.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when a user was attempting to reveal a secret that had been renamed but not saved.
  • Corrected a bug that caused rounding errors with large numbers during secret uploads.
  • Completed our migration to React bringing enhanced UI performance to the dashboard.
  • Resolved an issue preventing dismissal of reminders in branch configs.
  • Addressed a rare scenario that incorrectly allowed nested references.
  • Resolved an issue in revealing secrets that could inadvertently rate-limit users.
  • Made several UI improvements to CTA buttons as well as the Compare, secret visibility, and secret naming features.
  • Enhanced error management for smoother Netlify and Railway integrations.
  • Improved the config page experience by preventing the 'Action Required' list from reordering while typing.
  • Resolved multiple issues with importing and managing Hasura Cloud environment variables (starting with HASURA_CLOUD).
  • Resolved access issues for service accounts ensuring they can access projects they created.
  • Introduced a feature to redeploy services impacted during Railway integration syncs.