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May 18, 2023
Product Launches

New DigitalOcean Sync Integration, Qovery Integration, and Improvements to Github Actions and Activity Logs

  • We’ve added a new OAuth-based DigitalOcean App Platform sync integration. Users can now sync secrets to the DigitalOcean app platform and services will automatically re-deploy.
  • You can now sync Doppler secrets to Qovery applications, containers or jobs with our new Qovery integration.
  • Solved an issue where GitHub orgs with a large number of repos might experience timeouts when creating new Github Actions syncs. Learn More about our GitHub Actions integration.
  • Improved messaging in Activity Logs when there is no log data available in the last 30 days.
  • Updated our public API to support fetching only raw secret values.
  • Activity Logs will now track the use of referral credits for a Workplace.