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October 30, 2020
Product Launches
October 2020 Updates

October 2020 Updates

Ryan Blunden joining the team as Developer Advocate!

We're thrilled to announce that Ryan Blunden is joining Doppler full-time as a Developer Advocate. He loves creating documentation, educational videos, presenting, and joined Doppler to help developers everywhere manage their app configuration and secrets securely, and easily.

Outside of work, it's music and motorcycles that keep him busy and his location in Brisbane, Australia means he's always living in the future, at least by PST anyway.

AWS Parameter Store Integration

Wish AWS Parameter Store had a developer experience like Doppler? Now it can with our new AWS Parameter Store integration. Instantly sync your app config and secrets! Learn more at

Doppler HQ

Doppler HQ is officially a thing, and while we do embrace remote first and pants optional programming, we love the camaraderie of working together in a physical space.

If you're in San Francisco, we'd love for you to stop by to chat about app config, secrets management, security, or you can get our CEO Brian to buy you a free Burrito!

Doppler CLI removes enclave prefixed commands

Unless your Barbara Blackburn, who types at 212 words per minute, you're probably like us and prefer fewer keystrokes. That's why we've simplified the Doppler CLI to remove the enclave prefixed commands, so for example, doppler enclave setup is now doppler setup.