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March 12, 2023
Product Launches

Supabase and Github Actions Secret Synching, New Per-Secret Access History, SCIM fixes, and more

  • We’ve added Supabase and GitHub Actions org secret syncing to our evolving list of integrations
  • The Access Logs tab has now been replaced with a new per-secret read history access pane. On any config, you can click the access log icon to display the access pane and see who has viewed any version of a secret. Read more in our docs here.
  • Improved autofocus when searching for a secret to help you find what you need faster.
  • Fixed an issue with SCIM which caused all members to be removed from a group for some SCIM providers. Learn more about SCIM here.
  • Fixed an issue with secrets referencing where self references could break when promoting a secret value to the root config. Learn more about Secret Referencing here.