Doppler is Securing Finance & Insurance

Fortify the security of your financial and insurance platforms with advanced secrets management, ensuring robust protection for sensitive financial data and transactions.

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Secure Development

Safeguard your projects with secure, scalable secret management.

Enhanced Transaction Security

Securely manage credentials for financial transactions, ensuring robust protection and compliance.

Automated Secret Rotation

Automate secret updates for financial systems, reducing risk and maintaining operational integrity.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Track and audit secret usage, essential for regulatory compliance in finance and insurance sectors.

20B+ secrets read every month

Regulatory Compliance Challenges

Protect Your Investments with Secure Secret Management


"Doppler is solving one of those problems that you don't realize you have until someone shows you the solution, and once they do, you have no idea how you survived without it. I'm not entirely sure what we'd do without Doppler."

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Ben Botvinick
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Integration Compatibility

Doppler integrates smoothly with major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, crucial for finance and insurance operations. These integrations support secure and efficient management of secrets, aligning with the high-security needs and compliance requirements of the financial sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doppler secures access to sensitive data by providing centralized management of sensitive secrets like API keys and credentials with robust encryption, crucial for protecting financial transactions and customer data.

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