Prevent Leaks

Across Your Org

Safeguard your secrets from an accidental leak while your teams are developing and deploying without compromising developer productivity at scale.

Secrets In. Nothing Out.

Knowing what to protect is half the battle. Our developer-first secrets manager centralizes your secrets enabling strong collaboration and auditing.

Source of Truth

Centralizing secrets across teams and infrastructure gives you a complete picture of where all your secrets are.

Secure Collaboration

Your team can safely work together without fear of an accidental leak due to our access controls and secure real-time secrets sync.

Observe & Audit

Track and monitor user actions, secrets sprawl, system changes, and data access for enhanced compliance and security.

30B+ secrets read every month

"Right now, there’s no human interaction during the creation of a secret. We can rotate them thousands of times without even seeing them. We have reduced the leakage post possibility of that secret to pretty much zero."

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Edoardo Davini
Engineering Manager
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A look under the hood

Doppler's Mechanics

Every detail from the ground up is designed to prevent leaks while ensuring your engineering teams stays productive.

Direct Secret Injection

Developers no longer need to rely on, or share, .env files. The Doppler's CLI injects secrets into processes as environment variables, eliminating insecure sharing and preventing secrets from being written to disk.

Least Privilege Access

Tailor access through fine-grained workplace and project permission profiles that are applied to users and groups. Easily manage at scale through your identity provider (IDP).

Secure Offboarding

Instantaneously revoke access in lockstep with your identity provider for users and groups across all devices.

Mask Secrets

Set the visibility type based on how sensitive the secret is. Some secrets are more sensitive and should never be seen by a human.

Secret Generation

Quickly generate in the secrets editor cryptographically secure random values, keys pairs, and symmetric keys (AES-GCM).

Secrets Rotation

Automatically rotate database urls and service credentials on a regular cadence to minimize the change of a leak and the damage of a breach. After a secret is rotated, we redeploy your infrastructure.

Dynamic Secrets

Long lived static AWS credentials are a gold mine for attackers. Instead, deploy your infrastructure with AWS credentials that are generated on demand and expire after a specified time period.