Doppler is Securing Machine Learning

Boost your AI & ML initiatives with advanced secret management, ensuring the integrity of algorithms and data security through centralized control and automated secret rotation.

Secure AI and ML Development

Safeguard your projects with secure, scalable secret management.

Streamlined Secret Syncing

Effortlessly sync secrets across environments, boosting AI model development.

Automated Secret Rotation

Automate secret updates, maintaining data integrity in dynamic AI workflows.

Scaled Secret Management

Enterprise Key Management (EKM) provides robust control, scaling with your AI & ML projects' growing demands.

20B+ secrets read every month

Algorithmic Integrity

Protect Your Innovations

Ensure continuous protection and precise access control for your most critical projects.

Secret Rotation

Automated secret rotation safeguards AI algorithms and data sets, ensuring continuous protection against threats.


Automatically trigger CI/CD workflows with Webhooks when secrets change, ensuring continuous security in AI/ML development.

Role Based Access

Granular access permissions provided by Doppler enable precise control over who can access your AI algorithms and datasets.


Integration Compatibility

Doppler's compatibility with key AI and ML tools like AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes ensures seamless secret management for your data-driven projects. Our integrations facilitate secure, efficient workflows, empowering your AI/ML innovations with robust, scalable secret management solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doppler helps to secure AI algorithms and datasets by providing a centralized platform for managing secrets with end-to-end encryption. This ensures that sensitive information like API keys and database credentials are kept confidential and are only accessible to authorized personnel, maintaining the integrity of your AI/ML projects.

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